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3,000 sq. ft. EPA Certified Pellet Stove with Programmable Thermostat - $949

3,000 sq. ft. EPA Certified Pellet Stove with Programmable Thermostat - $949

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3,000 sq. ft. EPA Certified Pellet Stove with Programmable Thermostat
Comfortbilt | Model # HP61

We are selling this item for $949.50. This item retails at your local retail store for $1899.00.

Please note that stock levels and condition grades may vary on this item. While we will do our best to remove this post as soon as this item sells out, we highly suggest you visit our store to view all of our current inventory and deals. Thanks for your understanding and business!


Designed for customers who enjoy the look of a traditional log-burning stove, the ComfortBilt HP61 is one of the most powerful and cleanest burning pellet stoves sold in North America today. Its high CFM convection blower and 84% EPA Certified efficiency insure that you'll get the maximum amount of heat from each pound of pellet fuel you use. Engineered and constructed to the highest standards, the HP61 has 5 heat levels that can be changed manually, set to a constant temperature, or programmed for five time blocks per day over a seven day period. EPA testing certified that this stove produces only 1.211 g of particle emissions per hour, so you can feel good about your contribution to clean air in your community. The HP61s powerful exhaust fan pulls air through the burn chamber so efficiently that pellets burn completely and drop very little ash into the removable ash pan. The powerful, ultra-quiet convection blower transfers the maximum amount of heat from the heat exchange tubes to your living space.

- Large removable ash pan can be emptied once every (4) weeks due to low ash production
- Thermostat can preset room temperatures from 61 to 82F
- Certified safe for mobile home use
- EPA certified to be safe and to meet all US emissions standards
- Rear exhaust and intake ports are ready for hookup with standard 3 in. piping kits
- Heats 3,000 sq. ft. or more, depending on outside temps, insulation, and room layout
- Durable charcoal color exterior is easy to keep clean and blends nicely with all decors
- Burn pot and exhaust design allow EPA certified 84% burn efficiency
- Superior firebox design and heat exchanger produce up to 52,000 BTU per hour
- Top-mounted 51 lb. hopper will keep stove burning up to 24 hours
- Adjust feed rate or blower speed on LED control panel or by included remote control
- Room blower circulates heated air at 142 cu. ft. per minute
- Large front window provides radiant heat in addition to forced air heating
- Igniter and blower use standard 110-Volt house current or power from a generator

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